Selling Your House to Us for Cash VS. Listing With a NY Agent

Compare selling your house the quickly for cash vs using an agent to list your house.  The table below will help you decide which option is better for you.  Once you factor in the true costs of listing, you may be surprised how competitive we are… especially when you can put all the headaches behind you. See for yourself below. 

Selling with an AgentSOLD to Flower City House Buyers
Prepping Your House For MarketingAnywhere from paint and carpet to major repairs costing many thousandsNO prepping, not even cleaning. Take what you want, leave what you want. We do the rest.
Commissions / Fees:6% that YOU have to pay the agentNONE
Time To SellBesides the time you lost prepping your home, listing contracts are typically six months to TRY to sell. Then, traditional buyers take 6-8 weeks to close.We can close in as little as 2-4 weeks.
Who Pays Closing Costs?:3%-6% seller concessions for buyer closing costs is quite commonNO seller concessions
Inspection & Financing Contingency*:Yes, up to 15% of sales fall throughSOMETIMES we have a formal inspection performed to help us determine what WE need to repair, not what you need to repair.  We buy as-is.
Appraisal Needed:Yes, banks that finance the buyer require an appraisalNONE – We make cash offersThat means no bank appraisals or bank requests for repairs that always slow things down and sometimes kill deals.
DelaysYes, banks appraisals, inspections, and buyer fickleness often cause delays.NONE – We can close FAST or when YOU want.
Average Days Until Sold:+/- 91 DaysNO DELAYS – We are ready to buy when we come to your house.
Number of Showings:It depends, potentially lots of parties would come through your home at different times.ONE.  You’ve found your buyer right here.
Closing Date:45-60 +/- days after accepting the buyers offerThe Date Of YOUR CHOICE, as soon as the warranty deed is ready, which can be as little as two weeks.
Who Pays For Repairs?:Negotiated during inspection periodNONE – We pay for all repairs

Total up all the costs involved with getting your house ready, listing it, and holding it, and see why selling your Monroe County property to us at Flower City House Buyers may be the better choice for you…

You will start to see the benefits of selling without listing with an agent in NY when you put your accountant hat on and crunch all the numbers.

It’s true. We at Flower City House Buyers need to make a profit.  But we look for win-win scenarios and try to get you as close to what you’d pocket if you took on all the hassles of repairs, dealing with contractors, and showing your house with an agent.  You can have the peace of mind knowing you can put all those headaches on us and still get a fair cash price for your house.  Your house is sold on the date you want.  You can put the stress behind you and move on with your plans.

We offer benefits like…

Close much sooner than you could with a traditional buyer, or closing on the date YOU choose, not what the buyer’s bank decides.

If you are like most of the sellers we buy from, you want to get rid of the headache that is just adding costs and stress month after month, worrying about paying any more utility payments, tax payments, insurance payments, mortgage payments, trying to make repairs yourself or dealing with contractors–you get the drill. Payments!  Payments!  Payments!  You want an end to all the bills that are draining you financially and mentally every month!  You don’t want to wait until your agent finds a buyer and hope everything works out. You want to know that the burden has come to an end.  We can close fast with cash so nothing gets in the way!

No preparation is necessary to sell your house for cash.  No fixing the leaky roof. No painting. Not even cleaning.  You don’t have to try to make your house appealing to every tire-kicker who might walk through, or make expensive repairs to keep them interested after an inspection. 

We take on all repairs when you sell your Rochester NY house to us at Flower City House Buyers. No need to clean. You can even leave unwanted items in the house. Goodbye headaches! Take what you want, leave what you want!  It couldn’t be easy, faster, or better. We love transforming houses and... we’d like to make an offer on your house. People sometimes take months to get their house ready for sale. Selling fast to us for cash saves your time and, more importantly, that means more money in your pocket.

Did you know cash-strapped home buyers typically ask YOU, the seller, for concessions toward their closing costs? They want YOU to PAY THEM to help them buy your house.  Not us!

Seller concessions, money YOU give to the buyer to help them buy your house can costs your thousands of dollars. Banking rules allow up to 6% of the purchase price for seller concessions and first time buyers usually ask for it!  Keep more of your money by selling for cash to us.  We are NOT first time home buyers.

Add up all the savings and you’ll realize you could save thousands by selling to us at Flower City House Buyers with the no-hassle experience. You see why it is better, faster, and easier to sell your house for cash in the Rochester/Monroe County area?

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Just fill out the short form below or give us a call at (585) 678-5050 and let’s chat! Our process is simple and you can close on the date of your choice. Think about it. What have you got to lose by getting all the facts? Are you wondering what your all-cash offer would be for your home?  Shouldn’t you find out before you commit to paying all the commissions and fees and expenses and bills when selling with agent? We don’t pressure you. We just give you our fair cash offer, and then it is for you to decide. Or better yet, tell us over the phone what you want to get and we’ll see if we can do that. If we can, great! Wow! That was easy! And, if we can’t, we won’t try to talk you into something else. So why not find out? You have nothing to lose and maybe some peace of mind and savings to gain by requesting your FREE house offer below. 

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An inspection contingency is sometimes used by the buyer to give them time to think. They lock up the deal while perhaps negotiating on another property. It take a week or two to do the inspection and get the results, and during this time they may have found something better and may use the inspection to get a better deal or even kill the deal altogether. They may even still be house shopping while that is happening. We don’t do that. You’ll get a real, fair all-cash offer from us. Attend closing and collect your cash. That is it! None of those typical buyer games.

There is nothing to worry about from the bank, either. Here at Flower City House Buyers, we don’t use bank financing. You don’t have to worry about the deal falling apart because of the bank. Your house is sold, as it is, for what you want, when you want.

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