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Is It Really That Simple To Sell My Home for Cash…

& How Do You Figure Your Offer?

There are no gimmicks or gotchas. We determine your best cash offer based on the value of your home after our repairs, the same way listing agents do. A lot of our profit comes from all the different ways we can save you money.

Getting Your Cash Offer

Pocket more than you’d think by eliminating costly commissions, repairs, holding expenses, and seller concessions.

When you sell the traditional way, you really don’t pocket what your house is listed at. Let’s count the costs.

  • Repairs. Most sellers need to prep their homes to get them ready to market.  For a house in excellent shape this may be as little as painting and replacing carpets, and cleaning.   For other houses it may be include some very expensive items.
  • Holding costs.  If it takes you three months to get your house ready to sell, a month to find a buyer, and two months for a traditional bank-financed buyer to close, that’s six months or mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, utilities and every day maintenance. 
  • Commission.  This is typically 6% of the selling price.
  • Seller Concessions.  This is money that cash-strapped buyers ask you to pay to them to help them buy your house.  It is governed by law and is often about 3% of the purchase price.
  • Repair Requests After Inspection.  Even buyers of new homes have items they want repaired or changed by the buyer.  Banks may have their own repair requests.

Add all of these up and you’ll see that you will pocket substantially less than the sale price when you list with an agent.  We will save you all of these expenses.

Here Is A REAL Example

This house had an after repair value (ARV) of $125K, but needed about $45K worth of work.

Using our method above a seller might calculate:

$125,000 (After Repair Value, ARV) – $7500 (no commission) – $3750 (no seller concessions) – $1250 (not having to do repairs after an inspection) – $2500 (saved from holding costs) – $45,000 (saved from material and labor costs for repairs) = $63,750

In this case we were able to take advantage of some cost efficiencies. We had to make a profit while still offering her an amount very close to what she would have pocketed if she took on all the work herself.

We love transforming houses like this one.  We want our clients to be happy, to be able to return houses to past glory, and have our buyers thrilled with their like-new home.

“I’m Ready For My Cash Offer!”

We can schedule to come out and see your house to see, as soon as the next day.  In the meantime we’ll do a more thorough analysis based on what you’ve told us about the house and what we think we’d do for remodeling.  Having done so many remodels we are pretty good at this.  Then it is just a matter of seeing it in person and presenting you with our cash offer! 

“How do I know if it is a good offer?”

Check out sales prices for similar homes in your neighborhood. These are called comps. You can use websites like Zillow and Trulia. Your house is likely worth somewhere in the middle of the high and low comps. Now subtract the costs we described above.

“Okay, I’ve done that, is that what you’ll pay?”

We should be close!  We need to plan on earning a profit of 10% to 13%. This varies a bit depending on the size of the project, risk assessment, and market conditions. If our cash offer is different than the amount you came up with, ask yourself what not having to deal with all the hassles and headaches is worth to you, what moving on with your life and handing all the problems to us is worth to you. It’s like changing the oil in your car. You could do it yourself. But to many it is worth letting the pros do the messy work. Make the decision that is best for you. There is never any obligation or pressure from us.

“So what if I accept your offer?”             

We give the purchase agreement to local, reputable real estate attorneys. They prepare and file the necessary documents with the county and your closing date. You show up and collect your funds on a date of your choosing!

 “But wait, I have more questions…”

If you have more questions, then other probably do too.  Call us with your questions, you don’t even have to tell us about your house.  We just want to have a complete web page for you.  We’ve got some frequently asked questions and answers below, but call if these don’t answer everything for you.

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