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Over 12 Years Experience Buying Rochester NY Houses for CASH!

About Flower City House Buyers

Flower City House Buyers is a local family business. We are all about family. We know you are too. It is not just about selling your house, but also making the best decision for you and for your family. We strive to treat you with the same honesty and respect we value in our family.

We are a local, Better Business Bureau-accredited company right here in Rochester NY, and we’ve been buying houses for over ten years.

We’ve got a great team, so we get the job done!

Meet The Team


Owner and House Buyer with Over 12 Years Experience!


I’m the founder of Flower City House Buyers.  I wasn’t always in real estate. I started out as a software developer. That was too desk and screen oriented for me. I switched to being a network administrator where I physically worked building servers and networks. It also gave me the opportunity to work with people, troubleshooting their PCs. 

While I enjoyed that a lot, I also had an entrepreneurial bug.  When my oldest daughter was born I figured I would buy a rental, hold it for 18 years, then sell it to pay for her college.  That quickly morphed into flipping houses. I was working with people, which I loved, transforming fixer-uppers, which I also loved, and helping sellers, the community, and new buyers.

My biggest hobby?  People. It sounds strange, I know, but there is no one thing that I enjoy more than people. Of course, my family and friends, but I also love getting to know new people and love being a help when I can. I’d love to chat with you, to hear about your goals, your interests, what makes you tick. I find people infinitely interesting.


Re-modeler Extraordinaire!

Angel is my right hand man. I really couldn’t do all this without him. He is a wonder at remodeling homes doing much of the work himself and managing subcontractors. Always personable, always enthusiastic, he is a pleasure to work with.

The one thing Angel does not like is sitting around. He’s got to be doing something and one of his favorite things to do is to work on houses. 

Every house is different. His decades of experience in the trades and great mind for problem solving help us to bring the best out of every house.


Operations Manager with A Flair for Problem Solving!

I call Connie my assistant, but she is so much more.  She manages things on the back end, does showings, handles paperwork and keeps us organized. When everybody else is stressed because things are not going according to plan, she is the one who is calm, level headed, and helps us get everything back on track again.

What a great team! I’m so blessed to have them working with me!

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