Here are just a few of the many homeowners that have worked with us…

Our goal is not just to buy houses and transform them into showcase properties, we also want you to be happy.   




Five Stars
I named my price and Larry accepted, no haggling!

Russell gave us his price and we agreed to buy, no haggling.

“I was looking to get rid of this [inherited] house  that I didn’t want.  I’ve got other plans…I got in touch with Larry.  These guys are very reputable.  They’re easy to work with.  I had no complications.  I had no problems.  Larry was great to work with. They’re a great bunch of guys. I’d definitely do business with them again. Thank you!”






Five Stars
Till Fritz had other offers. he were the best offer.

Till Fritz contacted us to sell his house so he could move to another city.

“Working with Larry on this deal has been really pleasant. It has been without hassle. Larry is a really good guy…and it’s been a very pleasant experience. 







Five Stars
Ms Flowers’ lender was going to foreclose.

Ms Flowers (YES, that is her name!) was behind on her payments and needed to sell her rental duplex.

Larry worked with my lender to help me sell my duplex. When I thought it wouldn’t work out Lary came up a solution that worked for me and satisfied my lender.






Five Stars
House needed work and tenant wasn’t paying rent.

Being a landlord wasn’t for Robyn.

“Gotta admit it has been a great pleasure working with Larry. He really helps you get the job done. No complaints. You need someone like this? Defintely call Larry.






Five Stars
For Carol, selling her house fast relived a lot of stress.

Carol was stressed and needed to sell her house fast.

“All I can say is Larry was a godsend.  With everything going on in my life you took the stress of this house away.  He handled everything.  I didn’t have to worry about any repairs.”

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